Social Security Incentives / Investment Incentives

Social Security Incentives / Investment Incentives

Social Security Incentives / Investment Incentives

Our company provides income-generating solutions regarding Social Security Employment incentives. It is expected that employers are individually informed about these incentives and have detailed knowledge about the conditions for benefiting from them. However, it is not possible for the employer who is responsible for the strategic management of the workplace to also keep track of these incentives.

By institutionalizing the workplace and benefiting from the services of experts, all these incentives can be utilized, avoiding errors and administrative fines, and benefiting from these services at very reasonable prices. This will not only add value to your workplace but also increase your profitability.

By contacting us, you can have your free incentive analysis done within a few hours. Through this, you can learn about the incentives that you haven't taken advantage of in the past or how much you can benefit from current incentives.

There are numerous premium incentive applications in force in accordance with Turkish Social Security legislation. Some of these incentive applications are listed below:

Premium incentives applied under Law No. 5510
Premium incentives under Law No. 4857
Incentives under Law No. 4447
Incentives under Law No. 6111
Interest or profit share support under Law No. 7319
Employment of Children Benefiting from Social Services under Law No. 2828
Employment of Social Assistance Beneficiaries under Law No. 3294
Minimum wage incentive
R&D incentive
Cultural investment incentives
On-the-job training incentive by ISKUR
Investment incentives
Regional incentives

Midas provides income-generating solutions for domestic and foreign employers in Turkey regarding tax incentives and investment incentives. You can benefit from all incentives. Here are some examples:

Customs duty exemptions
Interest support
Income tax withholding support
Reduced Corporate Tax
VAT exemption
Land allocation
Qualified personnel support
VAT refund
Energy support
Social Security premium incentives
Cash support
Purchase guarantee.

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