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Useful Information

In order to increase the participation and employment of women and young people in the workforce, to encourage the creation of new employment, to encourage vocational and technical education, to increase the quality and effectiveness, premium incentives are provided by the Law No. 6111 on Restructuring of Certain Receivables and Social Insurance and General Health Insurance and Other Law No. 6111, adopted on 13.02.2011. It is the regulation included in Article 74 of the Law on Amendments to Certain Laws and Decree Laws and the provisional Article 10 added to Law No. 4447.
In order to benefit from the employer's share of insurance premium support provided for in the temporary article 10 of Law No. 4447, There are necessary conditions for the insured and the workplace.
Conditions for the Insured
Must have been employed between 1/3/2011 and 31/12/2020
Being over 18 years old
Not recorded in the monthly premium and service documents submitted to SSI in the six-month period before the date of employment
Actual work
Conditions for Employer
Owned by private sector employers,
Employment of insured in addition to the average number of insured,
No overdue premiums, administrative fines and related delay fines and late payment interest debts,
Submission of monthly premium and service documents to our Institution within the legal period,
The conditions for payment of accrued insurance premiums within the legal period must be met.
Men over the age of 18 and under the age of 29 and women over the age of 18 can benefit. Men over the age of 29 must have a Vocational Competence Certificate, or have completed secondary or higher education providing vocational and technical education, or a workforce training course organized by the Turkish Employment Agency, or must be unemployed and registered with the Turkish Employment Agency.
To benefit from SGK Premium Incentive No. 6111, e-Declaration can be found in the main menu under "4447/" It can be done through the "Insured Login" option, and they will be able to send their monthly premium and service documents containing the names of the insured people who will benefit, by selecting the Law number 06111.

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